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Hospital of Xinxiang Henan conducted gratuitous treatment activities
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       Sinopharm midland hospital management corporation’s subdivision—the second people hospital of Xinxiang Henan always take its responsibilities to care for people’s lives. Respecting and caring for the elderly is an important discipline of the hospital. In 2014, the hospital conducted gratuitous treatment activities, fulfilling the party’s mass line educational practice.

       China has a history of five thousand years and Chinese people’s inheritance is endless, so what is the reason of this? The core of Chinese culture is actually the collective consciousness, the idea of oneness of man and nature, and kindness. The Book of Rites said that what the Great Learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people and to rest in the highest excellence. The Confucius culture speaks highly of expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families; expend the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of other families; Tao Teh King said that The top class of virtue is like water, which benefits ten thousand objects without any demands for return; Buddhism stresses on doing good things for others. Today the aging effect in China is becoming more and more serious, so it’s of prime importance to handle the problem of the elderly.

       The second people hospital of Xinxiang Henan was established in 1952, and now it has developed into a modern general up grade hospital.
       On March 24, 2014, the hospital and Pingyuan Evening News jointly organized gratuitous treatment activities. This activity lasted until May 5, and ended in Zhongcao village perfectly.
       This activity was planned by Pingyuan Evening News and organized by the hospital. During these two months, experts and journalists visited 44 villages(communities). The hospital dispatched almost 100 medical workers, and make sure that there would be 4 to 7 experts to visit grassroots, bringing medical equipment such as  B ultrasound machine, electrocardiograph, etc. They provided free medical treatment for grassroots people.
       During this period, leaders and experts all devoted themselves into this activity. The hospital would send high-level experts to attend in every activity. To treat rural residents, these experts have little time to rest. They also propagandize common heath knowledge.

       This activity lasted for 55 days, leaders and experts traveled over 2,300 km, visited 44 villages(communities). There are almost 12,000 people who benefited from this activity. During this activity, journalists took pictures for 1000 old people, and all there photos have been sent to them.
       The gratuitous treatment activity gained great social benefits as well as economic benefits. Leaders also speak highly of this activity. On June 4, 2014, the material of this activity was displayed on the first floor in the outpatient service building.

       If we want to take our social responsibilities, we should go deeper and upgrade. Since 2009 when the new leadership was assigned, the hospital has been adhering to the core idea that to be a responsible hospital and be a responsible doctor. This activity is just an example of how the hospital take their social responsibilities in practice. From now on, the hospital will continue to pay attention to public health and vulnerable groups, as well as caring for the elderly and making more achievements.

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