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Rescuing the Dying, Healing the Wound, Helping the Endangered and Providing Relief to Those in Need——The Introduction of Artemisinin to Ghana in the Treatment of Malaria
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Malaria is one of the commonest infectious diseases in Ghana. It poses a threat to all the people in Ghana where lack of professionals and effective medicines has already become a serious social problem. In a spirit of taking on the international responsibility by healing those inflicted people and protecting those endangered by malaria, Sinopharm Foreign Trade has been actively promoting the use of artemisinin-based antimalarials in Ghana. As the first importer, the company has made artesunate tablet one of the most popular antimalarials in Ghana’s market. Meanwhile, Sinopharm Foreign Trade has been engaged in several charity events and donated artesunate tablets, thermometers and scales worth tens of thousands of US dollars. Sinopharm Foreign Trade has proved itself a great ally of Ghanaians in the war against malaria and fight for
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