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Xin Xiang Taigongshan Hospital of Sinopharm Midland inaugurates officially
Author:   Source   Date:Feb,21,2020   Browse:3038   
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To contain COVID-2019, Sinopharm Midland Hospital Management Company worked hard and overcame difficulties to build an isolation section including 5 negative pressure wards and 28 isolation wards inside the eastern branch of Xinxiang Central Hospital within 10 days. Currently the isolation ward has been examined and approved, and was officially named as Xinxiang Taigongshan Hospital.



On 19th Feb, the hospital was inaugurated, and relevant government and hospital officers attended the ceremony. From then, the hospital will officially receive critically ill patients infected with COVID-2019 to go to great lengths to improve recovery rate by concentrating top experts and medical resources in the city.


The reason why the hospital is named so is because our hope for nations safety and peoples well-being, and moreover, because a prestigious historical figure in acient China Jiang Taigong is born in Xinxiang City.


Currently a team made up of respiratory, cardiovascular, nephropathy, TCM, nutrition and infection control experts has stationed into the hospital, and more than 40 medical staffs from Xinxiang Central Hospital have also came into their position. The isolation ward is separated into 3 sections, including 2 isolation wards and 1 ICU, operating independently to avoid cross infection, which makes it the best professional isolation ward in Xinxiang .




And we will win this battle with adequate material supply of Sinopharm,  techniques of expert team, caring and diligent treatment from medical staffs and state-of-the-art equipment.

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