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Sinopharm International wins Top 10 Excellent Chinese Enterprise Global Image Prize 2019
Author:   Source   Date:Dec,27,2019   Browse:2533   
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On Dec 3rd, result of Top 10 Excellent Chinese Enterprise Global Image Prize 2019 was revealed on Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit, and Sinopharm International won the prize.



The campaign was co-organized by Press Center of SASAC and China Report and initiated in Aug 2019, lasting for 4 months. During which, the case presented by Sinopharm International “Chinese Medical Equipment Benefits Ecuador” stood out from 145 ones submitted by central enterprises, regional SOEs and private ones and was rewarded excellent case of “ Outstanding Social Responsibility” of Chinese Enterprise global image and was granted Top 10 Excellent Cases 2019.




The prize is a recognition of Sinopharm’s global image construction. We will continue to shoulder SOE’s responsibility by being a disseminator of national image at aboard and determined in efforts to advance OBOR construction and enhance well-being of all people.  

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