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Chairman Shi Shengyi attends opening ceremony of first smart pharmacy of YIJIAAN(DALIAN) and FANCL Health Science store and investigates Dalian Locomotive Hospital
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On Sept 16th, opening ceremony of smart pharmacy of YIJIAAN(DALIAN) and FANCL health Science was held.


Vice president of Sinopharm and Chairman of Sinopharm International Shi Shengyi, executive deputy district director of Sha Hekou District Kong Qingzhu, Vice President and and secretary of the board of Sinopharm International Zhang Liqiong, CMO of Sinopharm and General Manager of Sinopharm Health and Science Liu Lili, and officials from government of Sha HeKou District, CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd, DSIC, FANCL and Sinopharm International attened the ceremony.


Shi Shengyi asserted that smart pharmacy and FANCL Health Science store are the extension of Sinopharm in health service area and serve as an innovative achievement of integrating domestic and foreign health resources. She hoped that all colleagues in YIJIAAN(DALIAN) can uphold the principle of “Caring for life, catering to health”, treat people with sincerity and start career with morality by making Dalian citizens enjoying more comprehensive, convenient and effective health service featuring higher quality.


Liu Lili pointed out that smart pharmacy of YIJIAAN(DALIAN) is the first “one-stop” health service complex of Sinopharm Health and Science nationwide, combining professional drug service, FANCL healthy products, make-up and coffee, and serves as an innovative attempt surrounding “Health”.


Executive director of YIJIAAN(DALIAN) Xu Lei said we have confidence to build the smart pharmacy into a warm and influential medical business complex in Sha Hekou district and even in Dalian to better protect people’s well being there.



After the ceremony, Shi Shengyi visited smart pharmacy and FANCL Health Science store, and conducted field research in Dalian Locomotive Hospital which is under upgrading and listened to related work report. She requested that Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian need to be clear about their focuses, stick to public welfare and compliance of hospital, at the same time, explore new profit model continuously, boost all employees to keep work enthusiasm, strengthen conviction and provide good health service.  

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