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Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., ltd. holds signing ceremony
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On Aug 5th, Sinopharm (Dalian) Hospital Management Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred as Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian) and Dalian Shipbuilding Investment Holding Co. Ltd(hereinafter referred as Dalian Shipbuilding) held a signing ceremony. Chairman of Sinopharm Guo Jianxin, General Manager of Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Healthcare Li Can, deputy director of Property Department of China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited Ren Jiahua, General Manager of Dalian Shipbuilding Yang Zhizhong, officials from Dalian Shipbuilding, CRRC Dalian and Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian attended the ceremony.Li Can and Yang Zhizhong signed transfer agreement of Dalian Shipbuilding Rehabilitation Hospital and “Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Healthy SOEs”.


According to the agreement, Dalian Shipbuilding is expected to integrally transfer Dalian Shipbuilding rehabilitation hospital to Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian. At the same time, under the guidance of “Healthy China”, Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian and Dalian Shipbuilding has reached strategic cooperation of “Healthy SOEs”, which means both parties will conduct deep collaboration in the areas of medical service and health care.Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian will make full use of the resources of medical and healthcare industry of Sinopharm to provide high-quality medical service.


As the investment and operation platform of Sinopharm Healthcare in Dalian, by taking advantage of full industrial chain of Sinopharm,  and integrating quality medical resources in the region, Sinopharm Healthcare Dalian is dedicated to build a medical and health care group with medical industry as its core and diversified development.


This signing ceremony symbolized the first step of Dalian Shipping Rehabilitation Hospital to coming back to its main business and getting involved into shipping industry, which Sinopharm will help it to achieve leapfrog development by mechanism and system innovation, medical equipment improvement, disciplinary development and personnel training. DaLian Shipping Rehabilitation Hospital will serve and give back to its mother company with qualified medical service, insuring employees and their families of Da Chuan group to enjoy achievements of reform and development, and present gifts to the 70th anniversary of founding of PRC.

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