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Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Leung Chunying visits Daw Khen Kyi Hospital
Author:   Source   Date:May,24,2019   Browse:1884   
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In the afternoon May 8th, 2019, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Leung Chunying and other offiiclas visited and investigated Daw Khen Kyi Hospital accompanied by Vice President of Sinopharm and Chairman of Sinopharm International Mrs. Shi Shengyi.



During the investigation, Leung Chunying listened detailed introduction given by Shi Shengyi about Sinopharm International’s contribution to the construction of the hospital and medical equipment supply; asked information about history, personnel composition and clinical reception capability of the hospital; visited operation and impatient departments; and spoke highly of the renovation project.



Leung Chunying said that Daw Khin Kyi hospital is the witness of Sino-Myanmar friendship and an important livelihood project which benefit common people. He also pointed out that the successful experience of this project is of reference value and shall be popularized extensively along “Belt and Road” countries.


General Engineer of Sinopharm International Fu Qiang, personnel from International Marketing Center and Sinopharm working group in Myanmar and representatives from Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports served as accompanies during the investigation.

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