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Handover ceremony of HE Hospitals & HE (Harbin) Hospital Management Co., Ltd inaugurating meeting successfully held
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On Sept. 17th, handover ceremony of HE Hospitals of HE & HE (Harbin) Hospital Management Co. Ltd inaugurating meeting was successfully held in Harbin. Secretary of party committee and Chairman of HE Si Zefu, Secretary of party committee and Chairman of Sinopharm Guo Jianxin attended the ceremony and gave speeches. Chief Accountant of HE Liu Zhiquan presided the ceremony. General Manager Assistant of HE Zhang Haiquan, Member of Party Committee of Sinopharm, Vice President Shi Shengyi, General Manager of Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Healthcare Li Can, CFO Zu Jing attended the ceremony.


During the meeting, Si Zefu and Zhang Haiquan together with Guo Jianxin, Shi Shengyi and Li Can inaugurated for Sinopharm Harbin Hospital Management Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm HE); Zhang Haiquan and Shi Shengyi signed the handover documents; and Li Can read out the election and appointment document of management team of Sinopharm HE.



Si Zefu expressed congratulations to the founding of Sinopharm HE; its stepping onto a professional road after the handover of hospitals and Sinopharm Healthcare distributing in Harbin, and his gratitude for the Hospitals’ decades support to HE, the concern and understanding of employees to this reform and close coordination of Sinopharm. He pointed out that the collaboration between Sinopharm and medical institutions of HE was an important move which carried out requirements of national reform and hoped that employees of HE and its medical institutions can further change its thoughts and ideas and create new achievements and happy life through hard work.  


On behalf of Sinopharm, Guo Jianxin extended thanks to Chairman Si Zefu and employees of HE and the hospitals and affirmed the contributions of the hospitals in assuring health of HE’s employees, relatives and local residents. He pointed out Sinopharm will take full advantage of its complete industrial chain, provide support of resources, capital, policy and mechanisms to push forward professional development of hospitals and accomplish multi-win among hospitals, employees, enterprises, government and people. He also stressed that the three hospitals will grab the historical development opportunity for medical and healthcare industry, forge ahead to make contributions and write new chapter of “Health HE” and “Health China”.   



The success of this ceremony marked HE completed its reform task and the third successful cooperation of Sinopharm with SOE’s medical institutions after optimized allocation of medical resources of DFM and CRRC and further complete its national layout of medical and healthcare industry.


Relative personnels of HE, Sinopharm Heathcare, Sinopharm Midland, Sinopharm Dongfeng and Sinopharm Dalian, members of party and administration, employees representatives, key employees attended the ceremony. After the ceremony, delegation led by Guo Jianxin also visited the three hospitals affiliated to HE.

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