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Long Queues Reappear at CNSC Duty-free Shop to New Sales Record
Author:   Source   Date:Mar,15,2018   Browse:1955   
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From March 3 to 10th, CNSC Duty-free Shop in Beijing held an 8-day “Women’s Day Sales Promotion”, which attracted shoppers waiting in long lines. During the promotion period, customer flow and sales jumped every day to nearly 5 million yuan in total. Sales on March 8 hit a new single day record since the Beijing shop’s renovation, and doubles that of the same period last year.


The promotion was made possible by the support and guidance from CNSC, parent company of the Beijing Shop, which stocked up sufficient commodities and deployed adequate human resources. The promotion centered on the bestselling products, and updated on populate online shopping and Wechat portals on the daily sales.


On March 8, many customers arrived 2 hours before opening, some even rushed from suburbs like Fangshan. By 10 a.m., over a hundred customers packed at the gate. The peak reached at 2 p.m.,   forcing the shop to limit the inflow of shoppers. Statistics showed over 1000 customers crowded the shop on that day.


The promotion was a training and marketing ground for the staff at Beijing Shop, and proved that duty-frees shops at urban centers have high business potentials. It acted as a pilot for CNCS in expanding market and bringing in famous brands.

 9 a.m., March 8, customers waiting in line at the Beijing Shop

3 p.m. March 8, Beijing Shop started limiting the customer inflow.

 Customers waiting in lines at the cashiers

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