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Chairman Guo Meets China’s Customs Commissioner-General
Author:   Source   Date:May,09,2017   Browse:2363   
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Mr. Yu Guangzhou, Minister of the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) and Customs Commissioner-General, met with Mr. Guo Jianxin, Chairman of Sinopharm in Beijing on May 8, 2017.


Having been informed about Sinopharm and its business in duty-free and international medical trade, the minister pointed out that as the largest, most competitive pharmaceutical SOE in China, Sinopharm should carry out the duty in expanding export, promoting scientific innovation, and attracting overseas spending back to China. He promised that GACC will follow the guidance from the State Council to provide better support to Sinopharm, and hoped that Sinopharm will thrive to provide better healthcare services and products to the public.


Mr. Guo thanked GACC for the long-term support, and briefly introduced the group’s business development. He assured the minister that Sinopharm will continue to follow guidelines from GACC and remains committed to China’s medical and healthcare industry.


Other GACC officials in the meeting include Vice Minister Li Guo, Mr. Jiang Feng, Head of Department of Duty Collection, Mr. Wang Wei, Head of Department of Supervision, and Mr. Jiang Lin, Deputy Director of General Office. Ms. Shi Shengyi, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm and Chairman of Sinopharm International, and Mr. Li Can, General Manager of Sinopharm International also attended the meeting.

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