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Sinopharm International Undertakes New Phase of Medical Equipment Supply in Ecuador
Author:   Source   Date:Jan,11,2017   Browse:2593   
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  January 6, 2017. As loads of medical equipment from Sinopharm International arrive at the GUASMO SUR Hospital in Guayaquil, people are celebrating the start of a new round of medical equipment supply program. Initiated by Ecuador’s health ministry, the program will supply over 30,000 pieces of equipment to 12 hospitals across the country.

  To ensure a smooth delivery, staff at Sinopharm International’s office in Quito have made a thorough preparation by carefully formulating plans on logistics and personnel mobilization and even conducted a mock exercise. Some arrived at the hospital 15 days prior to the delivery to coordinate with the hospital in locating sites for unloading and installation. In all, a team of over 80 people from equipment suppliers, service providers and logistic companies have worked alongside with Sinopharm International in a well-organized operation that ensued.

  The first batch of equipment that totals 2581 units shipped in 21 containers have been successfully installed from January 6 to 9. The passion and the “Chinese speed” showcased by the people at Sinopharm International have won praise from the hospital, whose directors have worked over the weekend to coordinate the efforts.
  Under the framework of Ecuador’s health ministry, Sinopharm International will dispatch and install more Chinese equipment at local hospitals, which will further contribute to the health campaign in the country.

(Compiled by Sinopharm International Ecuador’s Office)

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