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Li Visits Ecuador for Government and Business Meetings
Author:   Source   Date:Nov,18,2016   Browse:2096   
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  On November 18, 2016, President Xi Jinping met with the representatives of the Chinese companies in Ecuador. He encouraged them to better serve China’s regional diplomacy by integrating into Latin America and by strengthening business ties with locals. Mr. Li Can, General Manager of China Sinopharm International Corporation, attended the meeting.
  During his trip in Ecuador from November 14 to 19, Mr. Li participated in the Sino-Ecuador business signing ceremony held by China’s Ministry of Commerce, and visited a number of local partners, including Health Ministry of Ecuador, Ecuador Disaster Relief Committee, state-owned company YACHAY, and a local hospital. He also met with people from the Chinese government and the banking sector in China, such as China’s Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office in Ecuador, China Exim Bank, Sino-Latin American Cooperation Fund, and China Development Bank. His visit not only promotes the company’s publicity in Ecuador, but also brings more business opportunities.
  Mr. Li also visited the company’s branch office in Quito, where he reviewed its work reports and lectured to the party members on the key speech by President Xi at a national meeting on health.

(Compiled by the General Manager’s Office)

Mr. Li met with Ecuador’s Health Minister

Mr. Li Visits the Branch Office in Quito

Mr. Li Communicate with Local Hospital Director

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