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Ambassador of Cuba Visits Sinopharm International
Author:   Source   Date:Sep,30,2015   Browse:1975   
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       September 30, 2015. Alberto Blanco Silva, Cuba’s Ambassador to China, andsevenother Cuban delegates, including Dr. Eduardo Martínez, First Vice President of BIOCUBAFARMA visited Sinopharm International. Mr. Li Can, General Manager of Sinopharm International, Mr. Li Deyuan, Party Secretary of Sinopharm International, and directors from relevant business departments attended the meeting, in whichboth sides exchanged ideas on multi-field cooperation.
       Mr. LiCan started the meetingwith a warm welcome to the delegatesand said thatcoopeartion between Sinopharm and BIOCUBAFARMA, both enjoyinghigh industrial positions in domestic market, will not only promotemutural understanding but also pave way for package programs in the future.
        Ambassador Alberto Blanco Silva and Dr. Eduardo Martínezexpressed their thanks for the warm reception. Dr. Eduardo Martínezsaid,as both Sinopharm and BIOCUBAFARMArepresent the leading pharmcautical group in each country, cooperation between both companies in multi-areasis stratigically significantin enhancing comprehensive competitiveness. (Contributed by Sinopharm International)
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