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Communication Conference for the First Half of 2015 Was Held
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       On July 30, 2015, China Sinopharm International Corporation, Sinopharm International for short, held the communication conference for the first half of 2015.
       Shi Shengyi, Board Secretary of Sinopharm and Board Chairwoman of Sinophram International, together with Wang Jie, Chief of the Sinopharm’s Department of International Cooperation & Public Affairs and Supervisor of Sinopharm International, attended the meeting. More than 150 participants were present at the meeting, including the senior leadership, the middle management and a part of the key staff. The conference was conducted by Li Deyuan, the party secretary.

       At the meeting, Li Can, the general manager, delivered a speech on the subject of “DeepIntegration of International Business and Medical Industry, Constructing A Leading International Pharmaceutical Enterprise”, comprehensively summing up the main work and achievements completed by Sinopharm International in the first half of the year, analyzing the defects of the company itself, articulating the development ideas and mode of international pharmaceutical business and medical & health industry, as well as arranging  the coming work on the construction of medical & health industry platform, the upgrade of the international business platform, the development of duty-free business, the perfection of the “thirteenth five-year” plan and the promotion of the mixed ownership reforming in the next half year.
       Lin Deqiong, the CFO, made a thematic report covering financial analysis and the management of receivables and asset-liability ratio. He gave a thorough analysis of the operating features, outcome and the profit in the first half of 2015, while clearly putting forward the focal points that should be concerned over the coming months, and emphasizing the relevant indicators on the accounts receivable and asset-liability ratio.
       Shi Shengyi, the chairwoman of the board, gave an important address that affirmed the efforts and achievements of Sinopharm International in the face of complex and changeable external environment in the first half of 2015. She required to pay attention to the adjustment of the industrial structure and the transformation of the development way in the next step, and to focus on the combination of industry and capital, upstream and downstream expansion of industrial chain based on existing business, dominant business segment, industry development with new forms and risk control.
       The principals of Sinopharm Midland, Sinopharm Fortuneway and Sinopharm Foreign Trade also shared business experience in the conference.
       This conference provided clear goals, ideological unity and stronger confidence to the managers and staff of the company. In terms of the next phase of operation and management, Sinopharm International will make unremitting efforts to accomplish the business target of 2015 and fulfill the strategic task assigned by the Sinopharm Group.

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