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Sinopharm International successfully held the “Spanish speaking countries immunization program and vaccine cooperation official training class”
Author:   Source   Date:Jul,02,2015   Browse:2264   
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       The “Spanish speaking countries immunization program and vaccine cooperation official training class” which is jointly conducted by the Ministry of Commerce and Sinopharm International was held successfully from July 10 to July 30. Ten officials from the Immune and Health departments of Panama, Columbia and Chile attended this training class.
       By virtue of  China government’ s foreign assistance platform and with the help of China National Pharmaceutical Group, the training class combined professional lecture with field study. It employed many experts in the China National Biotec Group Company and organized students to visit some associate organizations such as Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Corporation.
       It is the first time that the foreign aid training class of “immunization program and vaccine cooperation” face the Spanish speaking countries, and it is the first time that Sinopharm International declare and implement a project comprehensively in accordance with the Collaborative Development Strategy. Through the training class, Spanish speaking countries officials understood the development situation of immunization program and vaccine industry in China, which is a good step toward building the medical treatment and health cooperation platform and promote the “going-out” of China’s vaccine products. (Contributed by Project Training Department)

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