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Labor Union and League Committee Held the Interesting Sports Meeting
Author:   Source   Date:Jun,09,2015   Browse:2127   
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       In the afternoon of June 5, the FuSheng square was bustling: robust physique, diligent sweat, euphonious applause, struggling athletes and the laughter of victory. Over 380 staffs of Sinopharm International were taking part in the the company’s fun games of 2015 jointly held by the Labor Union and the League Committee.
       At 1:00 pm, the president of the Labor Union Yang Yongge announced the beginning of the sports meeting. This sports meeting has the principle of “placing communication at the first place and the  competition at the second place”, and it has six single person matches such as archery and five group matches such as tug-of -war. All the participants showed their abilities and tried their best in the competition. Applause and cheers lingered in everybody’s ears. The sports meeting was excellent and full of climaxes.

        In group matches, participants communicated with each other and analyzed strategies before the competition to achieve perfect engagement during the competition. In the tug- of-war, all the team members drag the rope to their side together. This sports meeting was intense and at the meantime very interesting, which showed staffs brave style and the team spirit.
       The interesting game and cooperative atmosphere made the sports meeting become a great platform to cultivate group cohesiveness, enhance sense of group honor, and help staffs to release their feelings and increase their communications.


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