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Letter of Thanks from China-Guinea Friendship Hospital Published in MoC Brief
Author:   Source   Date:Apr,14,2015   Browse:2160   
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       During the Ebola pandemic in Guinea in 2014, a team of five health experts dispatched by Sinopharm International has successfully completed their mission as the second group of medical cooperation personnel in the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital. Their heroic deeds and toughness has won appraisal from the hospital, whose letter was posted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in its 2015 first issue of “Overseas Aid Works Brief”.


To: Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of China in Guinea,
       Honorable Counselor, this letter is to extend our sincere thanks to the Chinese embassy to Guinea for the excellent work of Chinese medical teams.
       The second phase of the program of medical aid to Guinea hospitals was carried out by China Sinopharm International Corporation, who dispatched 5 experts headed by Mr. Zhang Ming. Faced with raging Ebola virus, the medical team overcame fears and difficulties, delivering an outstanding achievement.
       On behalf of the hospital, I hereby express our gratitude and congratulation to them for their impressive work and cooperation spirit.
       And I would like to extend to you my cordial gratitude and respect.


Director of the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital


       As a major publication in China in foreign aid, “Overseas Aid Works Brief” is compiled by the Ministry of Commerce and is submitted to state leaders for reference. The affirmation from both foreign partner and Chinese government encourages Sinopharm International, a longtime participant in foreign aid works, to continue its work in government aid programs. Sinopharm International will take expertise, ingenuity, efficiency and high responsibility as focus to better carry out foreign aid and to realize its social values.
(Contributed by Sinopharm International)

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