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Director Xie of Xinxiang Central Hospital Is Honored “Hospital Director of the Year”
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August 16, 2014. China Hospital Forum was held in Beijing. Five “Outstanding Contribution Awards” for hospital management and 100 “Hospital Director of the Year” are awarded in the forum. Xie Zhenbin, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm International, General Manager of Sinopharm Midland Hospital Management Corporation, Party Director and Director of Xinxiang Central Hospital, was awarded “Hospital Director of the Year”.

Approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and organized by China Hospital Association, the “Hospital Director of the Year” and “Outstanding Contribution Awards” aim to evaluative performances of hospital directors in China. The forum is held every other year and is the highest honor in the hospital management. Hospital directors will be reviewed on new measures in scientific management, information building, cultural establishment and academician cultivation. A total of 100 honorees from 31 provinces and cities received the honor.

In recent years, under the leadership of Xie Zhenbin and other hospital leaders, Xinxiang Central Hospital forges ahead with bravery and innovation and made strides in medical reform and hospital management: the “Xinxiang Mode” became the frontrunner in medical reform in China; the hospital information system is among the best in China; hardware and environment is improving; a more transparent purchase regime, and innovation on budget-oriented comprehensive management and nursing organizational system.

The awards to Xie not only acknowledge his achievement in modern hospital management, but also recognize the leap-forward development of Xinxiang Central Hospital. (Contributed by Sinopharm Midland)

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