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Sinopharm Midland’s Xinxiang Central Hospital Becomes Grade ATertiary
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November 22, 2014.The encouraging news came as Xinxiang Central Hospital passed the final round of review onGrade ATertiary Hospitals in Henan. For the second time in history, Xinxiang Central Hospital is accredited as Grade A Tertiary hospital. The last time it received such accreditationdates back to 1997. Itmakes the hospital the first in northern Henanwith this qualification, meaning it is amongst the topsof the province in terms oftechnical standards, management capacity, service quality, etc.

From November20 to 22, Henan Hospital Accreditation Committeeconducted a three-day formal accreditation review to Xinxiang Central Hospital. In strict accordance with hospital accreditation rules, 19 evaluation expertsconducted comprehensive and detail reviews, including oral reports,paper documents, follow-up examinations and on-site interviews.

Later, a feedback meeting was held and attended by Wang Xiuping, a national level expert in hospital accreditation from Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan, Professor Zhang Qingxian, Director of Henan hospital grading commission, JiaGongwei, Party Secretary and Director of Xinxiang Health Bureau, Chen Yinting, Deputy Director of Xinxiang Health Bureau, and leaders of Sinopharm Midland and Xinxiang Central Hospital. In the meeting, Professor Zhang, on behalf of Huang Wei, Deputy Director of Henan Health and Family Planning Commission, announcedthe decision from Henan Hospital Grading Commission. He added thatwithin 65 years of expansion, the hospital has evolved from what used to be Pingyuan Provincial People’s Hospital and Henan No.3 People’s Hospital to a major comprehensive hospital in medical treatment, teaching, research, rehabilitation, preventive healthcare, emergency care and health checkups.While serving the more than 6 million peoplein Xinxiang, the hospital also provides quality service to surrounding areas. Through 10 years exploration, the hospital has upgraded management mode, separating governance from operation and setting up group management mechanism. The hospital also made strides in setting up hospital legal person system and in introducing social capitals.

Wang Xiuping highly praised the tremendous progress of the hospital, and hoped that the hospital would take this opportunity to consolidate the progress, improve the overall service quality, establish a long-term mechanism, and continue its contribution to the health industry in Xinxiang and northern Henan at large.

XieZhenbin, Deputy General Manager of Sinopharm International, General Manager of Sinopharm Midland, Party Secretary and Director of Xinxiang Central Hospital, expressed his gratitude to the expert teams and leaders from the health bureau. The hospital hasbegun preparing for the accreditationsince March, 2010, he said, and since had taken it asa critical work. All staffs in the hospital, while concentrating on “quality, safety, service, management, and performance”, work hard to strengthen the hospital management, improve the inner quality and enhance the services. The accreditation is not the end but a starting point of our efforts. To better serve and protect the health of the people, the hospital will strictly observe the standards on Grade A Tertiary Hospital, follow suggestions from experts, strive for innovations in management, carry out its social obligations and enhance the service quality.

JiaGongwei, party secretary and director of Xinxiang Municipal Health Bureau,congratulate by praising thatwith unremitting efforts of several generations, the hospitalhas been expanding and contributing with its irreplaceable roleto the health servicedevelopment in Xinxiang. Notably in recent years, the hospital, led by XieZhenbin, expandedits hardware scale and improved the servicequality. Remarkable changes and achievementshave been witnessed in internal cohesion, soft power andsocial influence. The hospital had become known as a bright pearl in healthcare sector of central China. He stressed that thebenchmarkfornew Grade A tertiary hospital is muchhigher, as requirementsare more demanding in hardware, software, technology, service, safety. Theaccreditation is an honor and a dream that came true.He hoped that the hospital will be encouraged to promote the development of medical and health services, better serve patients, and bringbenefits to the society. (Contributed by Sinopharm Midland)

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