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Sino-Czech Business Matching Conference Held at Sinopharm International
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June 18, 2014. The Sino-Czech Business Matching Conference was held by Sinopharm International in collaboration with the Beijing Chaoyang district government and Sino-Czech Friendship Association. Key figures attended the meeting are: Dr. Josef Vymazal, Deputy Minister of Health, the Czech Republic, Ms. Zhang Ran, Deputy Director of Commission of Commerce of Beijing Chaoyang District, Ms. Zhang Rui, Deputy Director of Health Bureau of Beijing Chaoyang District, Mr. Ding Haiyun, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, and Mr. Li Can, General Manager of China Sinopharm International Corporation. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Li Deyuan, Party Secretary of Sinopharm International.

In the meeting, Dr. Josef Vymazal stressed the importance of Sino-Czech cooperation in medical and health areas and expressed his hope that both sides could use this opportunity to further promote cooperation in such areas. Ms. Zhang Rui reviewed the collaboration history between China and Czech and said he felt confident that both sides would come to know each other better in the conference. He also assured the support from the Chaoyang district government to the cooperation. Mr. Li Can welcomed the delegation and said the meeting would embark on a journey to fruitful cooperation between the two countries and Sinopharm International were happy to act as a bridge and to make its contributions.

The speeches are followed by a series of business orientations by representatives from a number of medical and pharmaceutical companies in Czech, namely Primecell, Linet, Medicem and Elisabeth Pharmacon. These representatives expressed their strong willingness to cooperate with leading medical and health companies like Sinopharm. Later, two business managers of Sinopharm International made introductions respectively on the import and export businesses.

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Czech diplomatic relationship. The meeting was a demonstration of the sound relationship between the two countries and carries forward the cooperation in medical and health fields.

Almost a hundred people attended this business matching conference. They are from the Czech Ministry of Health, Czech embassy in China, Sino-Czech Friendship Association, Commission of Commerce of Beijing Chaoyang District, Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Chaoyang District, Health Bureau of Beijing Chaoyang District, famous foreign-owned enterprises and Sinopharm International.


Contributed by the General Manager’s Office


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